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The Osaka YWCA, founded in 1918, has a tradition and history of ninety years. It was recognized as a juridical foundation by the Ministry of Education in 1925. From its founding, the Osaka YWCA organized career and leadership training programs for women, stressing their independence and growth.
Its programs include Japanese language education, development of international volunteers, youth development, social welfare, international understanding and co-operation, peace, environment, and human rights. It is also a pioneer among international non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The Osaka YWCA has centers in Umeda and Kita Senri.
   In addition to its local activities, the Osaka YWCA participates in cooperation for development programs carried out by the World YWCA (i.e., refugee support, help for the poor, war relief, medical treatment, education, unemployment, etc.) through the Japan YWCA.
The Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) started in London, England in 1855. It is the oldest youth and women's group in the world with members worldwide. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it is an international organization with25 million members in more than 120 countries.
The activities of the YWCA are based on the philosophy that all people are equal in God's eyes, regardless of race, nationality, class, or religion.
In line with this philosophy, the YWCA focuses on issues of human rights and world peace. In co-operation with other YWCAs, the Osaka YWCA carries out campaigns on these issues and develops programs as the need arises on issues such as peace, refugee assistance, health, human rights, energy conservation and environmental protection, among others.
   The Japan YWCA was established in 1905 and now has 26 local, independently-operated associations from Hokkaido to Kyushu. In the Kansai area, the local associations include the Osaka YWCA, Kyoto YWCA and Kobe YWCA. All members are seeking a society where everyone is respected.
1918 The Osaka YWCA established.
1919 Started vocational education, namely, English shorthand, typing and business English, and became a pioneer in secretarial and typist training in Japan.
1920 Started offering evening classes.
1923 Transfered to its present site in a newly-built facility at Nishi-Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka.  
1924 Received official permission to operate schools and established the Osaka Young Women's Christian Association College (Osaka YWCA Gakuin).
1925 Recognized as a Trust Foundation by the Ministry of Education.
1931 Establishment of Fuji Ryo, a home for mothers and children, in Asahi Ward, Omiya-cho with permission from the Employment Agency for Women.
1937 Evening classes were recognized by the Ministry of Education. The program became known as Ogimachi Women's Evening School.
1957 40th anniversary of the founding of Osaka YWCA. Omiya-cho Center was established as a child care center for working mothers. The center later developed into a nursery school. Establishment of Social Welfare Juridical Foundation - Osaka Young Women's Christian Association.
1969 Construction of the Kita Senri Center to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Osaka YWCA. Inauguration of Kodomo Toshoshitsu, a lending library for children.
1977 Establishment of a special Japanese language program for returnees from China.
1978 Start of the Osaka YWCA Host Family Group for resident foreign students.
1980 Completion of the present facility at Kamiya-cho, Umeda. Establishment of Kotoba-No Gakko, a language school for speech-impaired children.
1981 Establishment of Seikatsu Gakko, a school teaching skills to mentally-retarded children. The program was renamed Group Palette in 1987.
1982 Osaka YWCA Secretarial Arts College established as a recognized professional school. The College was later renamed the Osaka YWCA College.
1988 Osaka YWCA College Scholarship Program established for YWCA students, both foreign and Japanese.
1989 The Association of Japanese Language Teachers established.
1995 Relief Activities for survivors of the Hanshin Earthquake
Osaka YWCA College newly created "The Department for the Advanement of Global Relations".
1996 Establishment of "Osaka Victim Support and Advocacy Center"
2001 Opening of "Kinki Support and Exchange Center for returnees from China". (Project sponsored by Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry)
2005 Establishment of "Transitional House". (Short-term accommodation offering battered women and their children support for their independence such as workforce development and housing search.)
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